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Professional Ice Skating Shows

Carmen has performed with Disney On Ice, Redwood Ice Theatre CompanyGreat America Theme Park and Snoopy's Home Ice!

Carmen Maria
Ice Skating Shows  ----


New Years Eve Variety Show

Snoopy's Holiday Variety Show

Petaluma Grand Central Cafe

Downtown Holiday Tree Lighting

Halloween Variety Show

Disney On Plastic Ice Mashup 

"Come What May"

Skating in the Vineyards - BTS

Halloween Variety Show - BTS

Disney On Plastic Ice Mashup - BTS

"Time To Say Goodbye"

Virtual Variety Show - Teaser Trailer

"Winter Wonderland"

"Virtual Valentine"

"Happy New Year - Hello 2021"

"We Need A Little Christmas"

Redwood Ice Theatre Company - "Our Story"

Redwood Ice Theatre Company - BTS

"Happiness is Snoopy"

Great America Theme Park Ice Show

"Snoopy Valentines"

Snoopy's Home Ice

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